This Store Is Giving Away 2 Free iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protectors To Each Customer!


This iPhone accessory store has changed the game completely on screen protection. The store is offering 2 tempered glass screens for FREE. We were skeptical at first too. We wanted to first gave it a shot at least because this offer was unbelievable.. We made our order, waited patiently as directed by the site due to shipping from their overseas warehouse and 2 weeks later.. BOOM. Our free tempered glass screen protectors were at our front door step. The customer service was great with responding in a timely manner because of our impatient tendencies, but they assured us that the length was just because to offer this deal faster shipping would cost the company way to much to get these free products out to their customers.

I was in awe with this amazing offer. These screens are more than comparable to the Tempered Glass covers that you would pay triple for at any given retailer and for this price, you can’t beat it. 

After reviewing the products they gave us the first shot at promoting the discount code for this offer, which is FREESCREENZ2017. 

To redeem this code, simply head over to and pick out the size that matches your phone for the screen protectors. Once you are ready to check out you head to your cart, enter your information, and when the box is shown to add discount code, add the FREESCREENZ2017 code to the box and click redeem. Your cart will automatically update with the new overall cost. All these guys asks is that you help out with the shipping for the products. Which isn’t bad at all considering you are getting 2 Tempered Glass protective screens valued at $15 for each, for FREE. Something else that can be done, while receiving this amazing offer you can also purchase any of the other products on the store which will make the cost of the shipping more reasonable getting all of your iPhone needs taken care of at one shop with a heck of an offer.

Another side note*** This offer can be used over and over and over again on separate orders. They didn’t mention it to us, but we tested it out and you can receive the same offer multiple times!

They did not specify how long this offer will be available, but I would take advantage of it as soon as possible and keep your screen protected at the most affordable cost..FREE!

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