Wine Purifier… Say No More.

Have you ever heard hangovers are the absolute worst after a night of wine? Well, no longer. This company has revolutionized the purification of all wine. A few things this little gadget can do include:

The Ullo Wine Purifier with Display Base, Travel Bag, and 4 Selective Sulfite Capture Filters

  • Easily remove sulfites from any still wine for a smoother, less bitter taste
  • Selective Sulfite Capture™ uses proprietary polymer technology to filter away free sulfites
  • Take advantage (or not) of optional aeration with just a simple twist
  • Enjoy Üllo by the glass or by the bottle
       – The Üllo purifier is designed to fit on top of a variety of wine glasses
       – Use a carafe or decanter to treat an entire bottle at once
  • Use the included base to capture unruly drips when you’re done pouring
  • One filter can be used for an entire 750ml bottle of wine
  • Made of dishwasher-safe, BPA-free materials
  • In the box: Üllo Wine Purifier, travel bag, display base, and 4 single-bottle filters

If you love wine like we do, than you’ll love this purifier. You can buy this over at amazon HERE or the original website. Either way, this is the gadget we’ve all been waiting for!

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