7 tricks we didn't know about the Lemon

7 tricks we didn't know about the Lemon
    Who knew this bitter fruit may be so useful? We’re amazed, that’s of course. Keep reading for seven handy DIY lemon tips.
    A simple lemon may be of nice use round the house!

    1. cleansing the microwave

    Use a lemon to scrub your dirty and greasy microwave. Fill a bowl with water and add the juice and zest of 1 lemon. Heat this up for four minutes then use the nice and cozy lemon water to scrub the microwave on the inside.

    2. Nail lightening

    It’s a typical problem for women: nails ever-changing color thanks to an excessive amount of cosmetic. It doesn’t look terribly pretty! fortunately, there’s an easy trick to urge your nails back to their normal color (after taking the nail varnish off, of course). Your nails can seem like themselves once more afterwards!

    3. offensive insects

    A lot of insects, like mosquitos and ants, extremely don’t like lemons. combine along the juice of a lemon with some water, pour this into a spray bottle and spray the mixture in many spots around your home. Goodbye, insects!

    4. Lemon detox

    A lot has been written regarding the health edges of drinking a glass of heat water with lemon each morning. It’s same to assist against constipation, stop exhalation, detox your liver and create your skin glow. That positively seems like it’s value a try! and, it’s tasty, too!

    5. cleanup a board

    We often use a cutting board to chop meat and vegetables on. sadly, some unhealthy smells may be left behind even once cleaning the board. A lemon will facilitate with this, though. Rub  a lemon over the cutting board and you kill the bacterium on there and obtain rid of the smells. So handy!

    6. DIY lemon and salt scrub

    A face scrub will make your skin glow and ensure dead skin cells are removed. who wouldn’t need that after a couple of gray and gloomy winter months? sadly, face scrubs are pretty costly. 

    Luckily, it’s terribly simple to make your own scrub. another benefit: it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients like fragrance and parabens. You need: two hundred grams of ocean salt, 250 ml oil (olive, coconut or almond) and thirty ml of juice. step by step add the oil to the salt till it's like a scrub. Then combine the juice through as well. place the mixture in a nice jar and it might even make a pleasant gift!

    7. Get eliminate nasty smells

    You know the deal: you’ve done some glorious cooking, however later your hands smell like onion and garlic. Lemon will help you out! Rub juice on your hands and therefore the nasty smells can disappear. Do ensure you don’t have any little wounds on your hands as a result of that may sting like crazy.