4 easy tricks to get rid of ants

4 easy tricks to get rid of ants

    This is however you'll be able to simply get obviate those annoying very little critters!
    Summer has sprung which brings every kind of changes with it. many of us have gotten their gardens so as once more or going outside to fancy the sunshine. sadly, spring brings quite simply things to fancy. Insects are everyplace already, as well as those bothersome ants. Luckily, there are one or two of tricks you'll be able to use to urge obviate these creatures.

    This is however you are doing it!

    1. Use chalk

    You can keep ants at a distance just by drawing a line with chalk before of your doors or windows. Scientists can’t appear to work out why specifically chalk works against these small insects. one amongst the theories is that they don’t just like the smell of it. If you draw a line with chalk, the ant won’t cross it.

    2. Use bicarbonate of soda

    There are a lot of chemical product that promise to stay ants a distance, however you'll be able to conjointly build an easy mixture yourself – it’ll save you cash and it’s a natural resolution. combine along equal components bicarbonate of soda and powdered sugar and stir them through properly. Ants love sweet things and can be interested in the mixture. It’s necessary that you just don’t use regular sugar because then they're going to be ready to notice the distinction between the powdered sugar and also the baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture everyplace you’ve noticed the insects. Why will thereforeda|bicarbonate of soda|sodium hydrogen carbonate|sodium bicarbonate|saleratus|bicarbonate|hydrogen carbonate} work so well against ants? bicarbonate of soda has an impact on your pH scale values, which suggests it’s fatal for ants to ingest any of it.

    3. Smells

    There are loads of various smells that ants cannot stand:

    Lemon juice: Ants hate bitter smells, therefore fresh juice can keep them at distance. Soak some cotton pads in juice then place these within the spots wherever the insects usually seem. you'll be able to conjointly simply pour some juice in these spots.
    Garlic: similar to a lot of alternative insects, ants don’t just like the smell of garlic. Peel some cloves of garlic and place these within the spots wherever the insects have their nests or where you see them walking around a lot.
    Cucumber: Ants don’t just like the taste of cucumber. So, you'll be able to keep them at a distance by putting items of cucumber peel within the places you see them loads.
    Coffee grounds: The smell of grounds is another one amongst those smells these small creatures don't like. Did you simply have a cup of coffee? Don’t throw out the grounds, however sprinkle them on the ants’ path.
    Cinnamon and nutmeg: Ants hate these spices. Sprinkle some of one or each of those spices in your garden and therefore the insects will stand back.

    4. powder

    This trick conjointly works nice against greenfly or louse. Sprinkle powder onto any plant that's lined in louse and that they can leave. you'll be able to conjointly sprinkle the powder onto ants nests. powder contains chalk, that we tend to already apprehend these insects hate.