Strawberry yogurt Pie with cracker Crust

Strawberry yogurt Pie with cracker Crust

     Dear Strawberry yogurt Pie: it’s a decent thing you're so delicious. It’s not each dessert that may necessitate 3 journeys to the market, soften everywhere my fridge, wake me up within the middle of the night to watch its progress, and be fully worth the effort within the end, however you have done it, you tasty frozen pie you.
     If you wish salty-sweet combos, cool creamy desserts, and recent summer fruit, this Strawberry yogurt Pie with pretzel Crust is for you.

     If you prefer simple desserts that take close to zero preparation skill, won’t heat up your whole house, and are guaranteed to earn you the amative admiration of everybody at the BBQ, this Strawberry yogurt Pie with cracker Crust is for you too.

    This mishap-turned-miracle instruction is 5 ingredients, takes less than quarter-hour to prep, and is one amongst the simplest summer desserts to come back out of my kitchen.
    If you’ve never tasted strawberries and pretzels along, I’m asking you to trust me and whichever church girls 1st introduced it to the Middle West meal scene—it WORKS. The strawberries are juicy and sweet, the pretzels are salty and crisp, and the 2 combined with creamy yogurt is completely addictive .

    This super summer pie has 2 basic components: the pretzel crust and also the frozen strawberry pie filling.
    For the pretzel crust: it’s super easy to create, however you should let the crust cool fully before adding the yogurt filling.

    Strawberry yogurt Pie with cracker Crust

    yield: ten SERVINGS Prep time: fifteen minutes cook time: eight minutes total time: four HRS thirty minutes

    This five-ingredient Strawberry yogurt Pie is easy, delicious, and ideal for summer! Creamy, cool, easy formula that is ideal for BBQs and potlucks.


    • four 1/2 cups whole mini crackers — or skinny pretzel sticks
    • 1/2 cup unseasoned butter, — fusible (1 stick)
    • three tablespoons brown sugar
    • one 1/2 quarts strawberry yogurt — lightweight strawberry frozen dessert, or regular strawberry frozen dessert (I used low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt)
    • one cup little diced strawberries

    For serving

    sliced strawberries — further shredded pretzels, topping


      Place a rack within the center of your oven and heat up the kitchen appliance to 350 degrees F. within the bowl of a food processor fitted with a steel blade, pulse the pretzels till they form principally fine crumbs with some a lot of rough items remaining throughout. If you do not have or like to not use a food processor, place the pretzels in a ziptop bag and crush them with a kitchen utensil (you may have to double up the bag if it gets any little holes).

       Melt the butter in a massive, heatproof bowl within the microwave. Set 1/2 cup of the crushed pretzels aside, then add the remaining crumbs (about one 3/4 cups) to the bowl with the liquified butter. Add the refined sugar, then stir till equally damp and combined. Press the crumbs into the bottom and up the sizes of a 9-inch pie dish. Bake for eight minutes, till golden and fragrant . put aside to cool down slightly, then place within the fridge to cool down quickly and fully. don't proceed with the instruction till your crust and pie dish are at or below temperature.
       Set out the yogurt and let it soften. don't let the yogurt get too liquidy or melty. It should be simply scoopable and soft however still retain some texture. Once it's prepared, scoop the ice cream in a very massive bowl (I used a similar bowl I used for the crust—no ought to wash in between). Fold within the reserved 1/2 cup crushed pretzels and diced strawberries. Spoon the mixture into the cooled crust and swish the highest with the rear of a spoon or spatula. Place within the electric refrigerator for a minimum of four hours or nightlong to firm.
    To serve
     take away from the deep freezer fridge and let stand at temperature for ten minutes to melt (may be longer or shorter relying upon the complete of frozen dessert you bought and also the temperature of your freezer and kitchen). Slice and serve topped with sliced strawberries, further shredded pretzels, and topping.
    Recipe Notes

    Store leftover yogurt pie within the fridge, tightly lined, for up to a pair of weeks. Let sit at temperature to melt for some minutes before serving.